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Hookup Site Fling Raises Over $1 Million For Military Veterans

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The popular hookup site Fling allows soldiers who are deployed or have deployed in the past to find a hookup for an evening or weekend, and the company behind the site has now raised $1 million for veterans through its new non-profit initiative, which is called Fling It Forward.

The new service is part of a new effort by Fling to “give back” to the armed forces. Last year, the company behind the site launched the Fling It Forward campaign, which was the company’s way of saying “thank you” to those in the armed forces who serve their country.

Fling CEO and co-founder Ryan O’Neil told Business Insider that Fling It Forward has now raised over $1 million for the site. The goal of Fling It Forward is to “get soldiers sailors, airmen and Marines the money and the resources they need so they can re-integrate into society and lead healthy lives,” he says.

O’Neil says that about $1.3 million of the money raised will go to the troops. The remainder of the money will go to the company’s efforts in getting veterans back on their feet.

To date, Fling It Forward has sponsored three events in Las Vegas and one in San Diego, and plans to continue to sponsor events in the coming year.

“It’s really about creating a culture that brings people together and we can’t do that if we don’t give back,” he says. “We want to give veterans back to society, we want to help them transition to civilian life.”

A few months ago, Fling It Forward started raising money to sponsor veterans who are looking for financial help after they are discharged from the military.

Fling It Forward now plans to work with the Navy Reserve and Air Force Reserve to find those veterans who need financial assistance and help them find resources.

“We want to help them transition to civilian life, we want to help them become productive members of society,” says O’Neil.

Fling It Forward wants to find a way to work with military recruiters and with other veterans groups to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

The goal of Fling It Forward is to help veterans and soldiers transition back to civilian life as smoothly as possible.

“We want to help them become productive members of society,” O’Neil says. “We want to work with those that are coming home to transition them back to society and make them productive members of society.”

The site has already raised more than $1 million for veterans through its non-profit program, Fling It Forward.

“It’s important for us to reach out to people that are in the military and people that have just come back,” O’Neil says.

O’Neil says the company decided to turn its attention to veterans because so many veterans are hurting financially. The site already hosts a program that allows soldiers and sailors who are deployed to find a date.

But the company also realized that it needed to reach out to people who are still on active duty and have not yet been deployed or sent on deployment.

“I think our mission is to help bring soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines the money and resources they need so they can re-integrate into society and lead healthy lives,” O’Neil says.

For that reason, Fling also plans to continue sponsoring events in the coming year.

Fling will be supporting the Armed Forces Bowl, which will take place on December 22 in San Antonio. The company also plans to sponsor the Armed Forces Appreciation Night, which will take place at the Dallas Cowboys game on November 22.

As part of Fling’s efforts to help the troops, the company also created a special program that allows soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are deployed or have deployed in the past to find a date.

The company, which has more than 6 million users worldwide, started a special program that allows soldiers and sailors who are deployed or have deployed in the past to find a date.

Fling was already popular among soldiers and sailors, and the new program was the natural way to take the site’s efforts to help others who are in the armed forces one step further.

Hooking Up With Someone In The Military

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We have all heard about the myriad problems you face when you meet someone in the military, but often we face a different problem. As civilian or married military personnel, we often feel we don’t really belong anywhere, which is a harsh reality for many others. Besides potentially dangerous missions, the hardest part of a military relationship may be the lack of access to family, friends, and even family members.

This is particularly true for those who have been separated from their loved ones, probably because of their commitment. In addition, this relationship can negatively affect your relationship with other potential partners (which, I warn you, is the more difficult reality for many of your significant partners) and you are facing problems. 

Whether you are in a military relationship for two months or two years, that can be a challenge, but there are some things you can do to ease yourself and your relationship, even if you know that the military is first. 

When you marry a service member, you become dependent, even though I have never met a military spouse who would define himself as “dependent” on anyone. This is completely unique to every person I compare to him, so I really don’t mind when it comes to my military. 

When you talk about a relationship that is cohabiting in the military, there is a very different risk involved, but it is a consideration because you will have the important task of your military spouse. If you have a sexual relationship with someone in your unit or even on a facility, you must be accepted as a military spouse.

Tell your girlfriend that the military won’t give you food and won’t let you come home from Iraq or Afghanistan without buying your own plane ticket. When a soldier, private or general, is at a military base in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country outside the United States, he may have sexual intercourse with native women. Many men end up using apps like adultsearch.vip to find hookups while away.

It is worth noting that military bases have been listed as gay hotspots on cruise sites in the past, but this is on Grindr, not Operation Desert Storm. It’s not as if soldiers send nude photos to back up these claims, or that the military knows where they are anyway. If you’re looking for someone who spent a few years in your military and then got separated, it probably won’t look like that. And even if the government database is updated every time a person makes a move in their life, it will not be easy to determine whether they have been found. 

If your relationship is primarily based on civil acquaintance, you may not be able to have a personal relationship. When it comes to military relations, they know that they are stronger than other relations, even though they have already overcome many battles.

Ask a military spouse to share how couples, military or civilian, can maintain strong relationships over long distances. Make sure you marry or date someone who has had a career that often involves a long-distance relationship, such as in the military, law enforcement or civilian world. 

This is best illustrated by the fact that most civil courts do not prosecute cases of adultery. As a result, the world of crusading and hooking in the military is as enveloped in secrecy as the queer attachment and dating culture that the armed forces represent. Real stories are hard to come by, but it is easy to find and verify those you know and know. 

Although officers and conscripted service members have been married since they entered the service before the adoption of this policy, the relationship does not violate fraternity policy. This can be difficult if you are in the same rank and do not violate DOD rules, but it is not impossible.

US Military Bans TikTok : Here’s Why

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The Us military and coast guard have banned all active personnel from using the Chinese social media app TikTok. Cited as a security risk, clearly generals in the military are worried about China using location and other data to undermine national security. Certainly, seeing where active marines on duty are stationed provides an informational advantage to the CCP, a more sinister threat is at play. The Chinese communists have long used sensitive information to blackmail high level politicians and others, could this by happening to military personnel as well?  Of course nudes shared on TikTok of the adult version of the app, AssTok, pose a major blackmail threat to almost any member of the military or coast guard.

Why TikTok is banned

There are various apps you can access to access the TikTok app, like Google Play, but the military has chosen to block access to TikTok. What might be the military fears? Well, if a recruit is on duty in their vehicle and sees a TikTok influencer near by, the recruit is more likely to lean in for a selfie, or at least look up at the brand logo on their back while working out. TikTok influencers are often given free things to entice people to download their app, a hook to get people to download the app. The military might just be worried about this happening. It is also possible the military believes TikTok has not proven itself to be a reliable social network. The app has been banned from use in some other countries. Clues as to why the US military is suspicious of TikTok?

The Military’s Concerns

With a base location in the North China Sea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, the US military has a clear view of China’s growing influence over their operations. In the case of a conflict, China has a natural advantage of striking from three sides or more. Taiwan provides China with a method of invading the mainland by re-routing ships through the northern channel into Japan. This forces the US to drop 7,000+ troops into the middle of the peninsula, many of whom will be lost in this trap. China can also cut the pipeline from the mainland to Japan, effectively strangling the northern region of the US in a literal sense. This is why the military is so concerned. China’s PLA has the capability of targeting the sea pipeline, but only if they can find the key sites to map out for attack.

The Military’s Counter-Measures

The Department of Defense sent out a statement on why TikTok was banned. TikTok is a fun, engaging platform that provides short videos for creative, spontaneous and spontaneous expressions. However, recent reports have raised concerns that TikTok is being used to distract users from discussions and conduct unauthorized investigations in connection with their official duties. Considering the military and law enforcement often communicate via text or video, a ban like this will definitely have an impact. However, this could have far-reaching consequences. China has proved that it can target a specific individual’s social media presence, and may continue to do so until they can identify and eliminate a person’s online profile.


Anyone familiar with the terrible lack of integrity in the military, would find this behavior disconcerting, indeed an open and honest discussion is needed on this subject. The military is under no obligation to provide a list of contractors or vendors, and with that in mind, if these vendors have their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar, what information will they be willing to sell? Will it be old or new? The growth of these social media sites and their increasing use among young users is a cause for concern. Furthermore, TikTok, like every other social media platform has privacy settings, if an admin suspects you have accessed their system, you will be banned.

CPOA Newsletter

CPOA Newsletter

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Congratulations to the following Chiefs for being elected as Officers of the Yorktown Chapter for 1999:

Officers BOD Members
President: Jeff Gruber Adrian Rymer
Vice Pres. Greg Smith Paul Simpson
Secretary: Pat Gallagher Austin Adcock
Treasurer: Tim Busch Leonard Rich

During a joint CPOA / CPOAA installation ceremony on January 7th, held at RTC’s Port of York, the new officers sworn in by Honorary President Captain Dennis Sande, Commanding Officer RTC Yorktown.

CPOAA Officers installed for the new year are:
President: Mrs. Audrey Wahlkamp
Vice Pres: Mrs. Carol Ferro
Secretary: Mrs. Kay Griffin
Treasurer: Mrs. Candy Freer

Closing remarks from President Gruber: It is a great honor to serve the Yorktown Chapter. I look forward to this year’s activities and the opportunity to celebrate in   our Chapter’s 30th anniversary. I would like to express my personal Chapter goals for the coming year.

Membership Drive. I believe that every Chief should go through an initiation to be introduced into what being a real Chief is all about. In addition, I feel that every Chief should belong to the CPOA. I believe that this organization is the tool to continue the mentoring of Chiefs and makes the Chief Corps stronger.

Outstanding Chapter Award. I would like to see this Chapter receive the award for 1999. I will work with members to ensure a proper package is prepared and submitted so that Yorktown Chapter can be considered for the award.

Membership Service Hours. Not every member can participate in every activity that this Chapter has. I don’t expect them to. However, I would hope that each member considers what talents or interests they have and selects an activity that they would like to join in. I have asked the Vice President to keep track of what members attend the various activities and maintain a list of hours for the year. I will identify and recognize those that contribute 10 hours and 25 hours of service with a special certificate of appreciation.

Auxiliary Unit Membership Drive. The Unit needs our help to encourage CPO spouses to join the Auxiliary. I ask each member to at least provide your spouse with an application and information on this organization. Let them know that the meetings are the 1st Wednesday each month, at 1930, at the Port of York. Point of Contact: Mrs. Audrey Wahlkamp (757) 872-9277.

Planning Ahead. I encourage members to look ahead when it comes to this Chapter. Don’t be thinking “what should we do this month?”, instead be thinking “what are we going to do for the entire year”. If we look ahead, we will improve the chances that things get done on time and with success.

Open Communications. Don’t wait till the next meeting to bring your ideas or concerns to the Chapter. Contact me as soon as you are thinking of it. I can be reached by phone: (757) 898-2233, by e-mail: jgruber@rtc.uscg.mil, or if you are at RTC: Canfield Hall, room 116 (next to the Library).

Open Letter To Cape Cod Chapter CPOA

Open Letter To Cape Cod Chapter CPOA

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Disclaimer:  Open letters are the opinions of the writer (s) and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the
Cape Cod Chapter, CPOA

Fellow Chiefs, during the past several months there has been some urgent matters regarding our Chapter and the Wheelhouse that could possibly have some severe adverse effects on our local organization and its functioning ability.

Chapter President CPO “Bo” Hause has made several of the members aware that the CG AirSta “Chiefs Mess” has formed a committee and is advising the AirSta Command on matters regarding the CPOA Chapter, Wheelhouse operation and business of the concessionaire, CPO Jerry Piunti. In short, the matter is, the AirSta “Chiefs Mess” is currently and actively taking up this situation about the “Wheelhouse” operation in its entirety from the concessionaire and reduce the ability of informal stewardship of the Cape Cod Chapter CPOA in regards to the Wheelhouse.

A brief history on CPOA and “Chiefs Mess’.” The CPOA chapters were affected (circa 1993) all over this country and some abroad that were the informal stewards of chiefs messes at air stations, ashore and afloat commands for the “Chiefs Initiation” and other community functions. My initiation and inauguration to the Oregon Chapter CPOA was enjoyed by the participation of air station, afloat and ashore commands and was sponsored by the local chapter. That special day was recognized by all in the fraternal way that the USCG CPOA is committed to then and now. Today initiations and other functions, particularly when the function is related to the community were forced to divide the function of stewardship between the CPOA local chapter and the “Mess”. During the tenure of MCPOCG R. Jay Lloyd this informal stewardship was interrupted and a “Chiefs Mess” was established to take over some of these functions. The “Chiefs Mess” which was formalized and force fed (my opinion) to the “Chiefs” community had very little organization, no structure to conduct business under a rule of order and most of all was not legally able to handle funds and accounts. These “chiefs’ mess” immediately looked to the CPOA Chapters locally for the monetary backing to get themselves started. This caused a scission in the “Chiefs” community that exists today and is being demonstrated by the AirSta “Chiefs Mess” and others here on Cape Cod.

Through the persistence and diligence of our Chapter President and Immediate Past President (Bruce MacIntire) getting their foot in the door to curtail what was determined to be immediate closure and changing of the locks at the Wheelhouse. This would place the functioning ability of the Cape Cod Chapter CPOA at serious risk. It is time for awareness of this matter to be brought to the attention of all 200+ members of this chapter.

From this January meeting, we should move forward and try to maintain our stewardship for the “Wheelhouse” through our chapter officers, membership of active duty, reserve and retired CPO’s. We must be poised and ready to unify as a fraternal organzation/business group and impart the kind of impact on the U.S. Coast Guard just the same way we impact our community, with benevolence and fraternalism. If we are forced into uncertainty we will loose the significant impact of benevolence and fraternalism.

It is now a time to stand-up and show that we truly believe and live up to our motto “…In respect for those who have gone before us, and as a guide to those who follow…” Collectively, we must close ranks and bridge the divide by our show of unity and support of the U.S. Coast Guard in all aspects that our preamble defines.

I submit this letter to the Cape Cod Chapter CPOA under “the good of the order” to cause the membership to be aware and arouse their curiosity with regards to our Chapter and the Wheelhouse future. In addition, I will re-enter CPOA service as a Chapter officer in the capacity of president or vice president so that the minority is heard and the majority rules with the support of the membership. I further request and submit this letter for inclusion in the minutes and publication in the newsletter.

Timothy J. Pitts




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Chapter Committee


Phone Number

Finance  Ken Norton
Tom Coyle
Planning Dan Morisset
Travis Cholewa
Fundraising Timaree Sparks
HSC Jackson
Special Olympics Robin Sparks (508) 968-6382
Golf Vance Murphy
Dan Morisset
F & B Charles Bible
Rich Fichter
C&BL Robin Sparks (508) 968-6382
Membership Mark Haney


E-Mail Scams

E-Mail Scams and Jokes

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Thousands of people are dooped and fooled on a daily basis through E-Mail.  Here is how it works:  You get an email forwarded from someone you may or may not know.   The email may be a sad story about a little girl who has cancer.  The email states that for everyone you forward this email to, the little girl will receive a donation of 3 cents to help her get healed or to get her something that she wishes for before she dies.  A real tear jerker!  Unfortunately, ALL these types of emails are fake!  They are designed as a sick joke to make people clutter up mail servers just for the fun of it.

If you receive emails like this, simply delete them!!! Do not respond even if it’s to tell them that it’s fake.  I did that and felt like a fool afterward knowing that I just cluttered someone’s email system to give a warning to others!  My intentions were good, but I was dooped just like everyone else!  It’s like a cancer that just keeps growing.  To stop the cancer, simply hit the delete button and forget all about it.

To find out more information, click on the following links:

I have not personally had time to check out all these links.  I thank the fellow coastie who provided them in response to a situation like the one mentioned above.


Coast Guard dot org FLAMER Message Board

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The Newsletter serving the members of the Cape Cod CPOA Chapter

MINUTES OF MEETING:  February 2nd 2005

E-Mail Version of The HELMSMAN is available by contacting MSTC Jeff Perdue

Cape Cod CPOA meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at the Weary Travelers Club.

Next meeting: March 2nd 2005
1900 at The Weary Travelers Club

This and all chapter newsletters can be accessed on the national web site at http//www.uscgcpoa.org


President:                  Vice President:               Secretary:                               Treasurer:
John Westlund    
                                            MSTC Jeff Perdue              SFC Dick Pratt

MINUTES OF MEETING: February 2, 2005

1920– The smoking lamp is extinguished. Meeting called to order by the Chapter President BMC Westlund.


BMC John Westlund, MSTC Jeff Perdue, SFC (Ret) Dick Pratt, ETCS Bruce MacIntire, AETC Mark         Haney, AETCS Robin Sparks, OSCS Rich Uronis, BMC Bo Hause, YNCM (Ret) Pete Gallagher, DCC (Ret), Howard Greeson, MKC (Ret) Kenley Hallock


Recognize passing of ATC (Ret) Jerry Piunti.

MINUTES: Minutes accepted as presented.


–         Received email through Nat’l concerning request for assistance for BMC Galindo.

TREASURERS REPORT:   final total in the CPOA General Fund $4409.00


C&BL: Chairman: Vacant – NTR

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Chairman: ETCS Bruce MacIntire

–         NTR

FINANCE: Co-Chairman’s:         ADCM Ken Norton (Ret), MSG Tom Coyle (Ret)

–         NTR

SPECIAL OLYMPICS:         Chairman:         OSC Marc Therle, DCC Jim Kline

–         YNCM (Ret) Gallagher reported that Special Olympics date is set for June 10th, 2005 and the base gym; Prices for rental item to remain the same as last year. With the gym under new management, NGB has been contacted for necessary paperwork / liability forms to be completed


PLANNING: Chairman – Vacant –Request new CMTE Chair

FUND RAISING: Chairman – ETCS Bruce MacIntire
– Cape Cod Chapter T-shirts for sale for $10.00 each. 

GOLF : Chairman – SFC (Ret) Dick Pratt, ETCM Dave Pouler, OSC Marc Therle, HMCS (Ret) John LaCava
Spring Tourney tentatively scheduled for May 16th at Cape Cod Country Club.         More to follow.


–    NTR


–    Motion made to open chapter elections.         Motion Carried

–    Motion to send $100.00 to help BMC Galindo. Motion Carried

–    Motion to give retiring chapter members retirement plaques. Motion Carried


–    Chapter should consider sending CCCF $125.00

50/50 – A total of $11.00 was collected DCC Greeson was the winner and returned to the General Fund.

2000 – Meeting adjourned


The Chapter and its beneficiaries are grateful to the following people:


Expired boosters are removed after 6 months.

Yorktown Chapter CPOA Guest Book

Yorktown Chapter CPOA Guest Book

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Below you will find all the enteries in our Guest Book with the newest at the top.
Click Here To Sign Our Guest Book

George Bailey
August 02, 2000
I was stationed at RTC from 80-83 and again from 88-92. Looking to hear from my old shipmates out there, staff and students.

July 25, 2000


MCPO (RET) Thomas A Basci
July 25, 2000
Not much to say: Just keep up the the good work.

YNC Alex Chapman (RET)
June 20, 2000
Just browsing. Let’s see a lot of folks here in Mobile, AL for Convention 2000!

MKCS Ronald V. Upton (Ret)
June 12, 2000
Miss RTC and all of you. Was stationed at Engineering school from 81 to 85..

CWO2 James T. Begonia (COOKIE)
May 01, 2000

BMCM Louis C. Dunn Jr. (Corky)
March 21, 2000
Hope to join my old shipmates at a retiree lunch in the next couple of months.

Sam Bachar (Old MKC )
February 18, 2000
Miss all friends that I made in the Guard. Would like to hear from you.

George Bailey, MKCM, Ret.
October 10, 1999
Hello shipmates! Just retired in July, Moved back to Virginia and transfer my membership back to Yorktown chapter. First tour at RTC from 80-83(MK1) and again 88-92(MKC).

MKC T.E.Henman
October 04, 1999
Good to see your web page. Keep up the good work.

Serena Brown
September 23, 1999
Your site is great.

Dave Morrison, BMCS
September 22, 1999
Just stopping by to say hello. The web site looks great!

QMC Vernon Covington (Ret)
September 17, 1999
As president of the Portsmouth Chapter I want to congratulate the Yorktown Chapter on your website and newsletters. The measures you’re taking to keep your members informed bodes a bright future for your chapter. I look forward to working with you during the coming year.

Harry Buck SKC (ret)
September 05, 1999
Thanks to the persons who set this up and keep it going. Would like to here from anyone please e-mail.


Bobby Powell BMCM Retired
May 18, 1999
Retired at Yorktown May 1977,treasurer of chapter 1974-77 helped organize the bingo games, still a member of the Yorktown Chapter, Like to hear from anyone who remembers those days and me.

Johnny Miller
May 18, 1999
Ah. . .if only I could be sipping a cold pop at bldg #156 with my buddies about now. Save a spot on the pool table for me.

schaumleffel, jay l. (mkcs-ret)
May 14, 1999
stationed at rtc from 11/73-11/77 & 05/79-08/83. looking for old shipmates.

schaumleffel, jay l.
May 13, 1999
excellent web site. always knew rtc yorktown was #1

BMCM Wray A. Gillette II (Ret.)
April 22, 1999
Really like the new format. Looks GREAT! Stop by when you get to Daytona. Always a cold one on tap, and the pool is wonderful! (Paul.. thought I’d see ya during bike week) Wray…..

Paul W. Keller Jr. Ret.
April 04, 1999
It is great to see that we have so many ways to get in touch. Leave it to Yorktown to do it right.

Paul W. Keller Jr. Ret.
April 04, 1999
It is great to see that we have somany ways to get in touch. Leave it to Yorktown to do it right.

Paul W. Keller Jr.
April 04, 1999
It is great to see that we have somany ways to get in touch. Leave it to Yorktown to do it right.

Jim Tarr, MKC
April 04, 1999
New site looks GREAT! Hello to everyone I know, and keep up the good work with the Yorktown Chapter!

QMC Michael Spencer
March 31, 1999
Hope to see you all soon.

Gordon Reid, YNC (Retired)
March 26, 1999
Very well organized web page. My daughter, FN April Reid is currentlyc at RTC Yorktown, she starts MK “A” school the end of March. If you see her, say hello.

Michael W. Wilson
March 17, 1999
Nice site. Good stuff. Anyone wants to visit SE Alaska let me know. SKCS WILSON ISC KETCHIKAN

Lee Fleming, CWO (EMCS)
March 07, 1999
New lay out is excellent!!!If anyone is looking for me I report to CGC Forward end of March 1999 for a 3 year cruise.

EMC Roldan
February 26, 1999
Looks like a very good site. Nice layout, I like it!

James Koehn
February 24, 1999
I hope everyone is enjoying the site. We recently moved everything to a new dedicated server and there are many new exciting things in store for the web site. I am always open for suggestion so please feel free to email me.

William J (Jeff) Farmer
January 08, 1999
Carpe Diem!

BMC George S Morrison Retired
December 15, 1998

MKC Earl Owens (ret)
November 15, 1998
Nice to see a site where we can all keep in touch! I am down in South Carolina now and would love to hear from some of you. Hey, has anyone seen or heard from EMCS Lance Abernathy? If so, please leave me a contact point, it would be greatly appreciated!

November 06, 1998
It’s great to be a Chief! Especialy one who proudly wears his Brown Shoes!

November 06, 1998
It’s good to be a Chief

YNCS Marty Shepler
October 30, 1998
Just browsing this evening and found your site….Interesting, but no one around to chat with

ETCS Eric Shofner
October 09, 1998
Greetings from bear country! Stationed at Commsta Kodiak

Abraham P. Arispe,USCG CPO,Ret.
October 02, 1998
The webmaster is doing an outstanding job.

Jon Blanchard
September 12, 1998
i like your site please vist the baltimore cgea site at geo cities any one interested i will foward the link

James Koehn
September 07, 1998
Below, you will notice the old guest book. This newer one is easier to use and read. Please note that the old guest book entries below are in reverse order with the newest being at the bottom. Thanks for participating and dont forget to visit http://www.coastguard.org

Posted by: James L. Koehn on 10/26/97, at 0:30 AM
Chief@knsp.com, http://www.churchusa.com

I hope everyone enjoys the new web site. Please feel free to email me any comments or suggestions.

Posted by: Carl M Dize on 10/27/97, at 6:50 PM

Posted by: Jim Tarr on 10/28/97, at 5:25 PM
Looks good!Hope everyone in the Chapter checks this out!

Posted by: Bob Brown on 10/28/97, at 7:21 PM
What a bunch of trend setters! Good job men!

Posted by: BMC P.H. Eason Jr.(Ret.) on 10/28/97, at 7:44 PM
eason@benzie.com, Frankfort, Mi. 49635

Posted by: BMCM Charles Bowen on 10/28/97, at 7:53 PM
This really looks great. All the chapters should do this.

Posted by: norman tafelski on 10/28/97, at 8:02 PM

Posted by: Vivencio (Ben) Malonzo on 10/28/97, at 6:45 PM

Posted by: DAVE BOWMAN on 10/28/97, at 6:30 PM

Posted by: Troy A. Dillman on 10/28/97, at 9:30 PM

Please tell Pat Fink and Darrel Limneos that I said hello fm the CGC Confidence in Port Canaveral, FL.

Posted by: Dale L. Rice on 10/28/97, at 6:55 PM
ricedale @ptialaska.net,
DC1 at PSLE and Firefighting schools 71-74. retired 95 DCCS.

Posted by: YNC Jimmie Cotton on 10/28/97, at 10:53 PM
Looks great, from the Mobile Chapter

Posted by: Gerald J Beneke, MKCM on 10/28/97, at 9:32 PM
What an impressive home page!! That’sgreat!!Good work so far, and I’m sure you’ve got big plans for the future!! Keep it up! -=G.Ben=-

Posted by: Jack Hawkins on 10/29/97, at 1:56 AM
Great Page. Jim did a great job. The chat room is excellent.Retired RDCS, from down the road in Newport News.

Posted by: Frank Hesson on 10/29/97, at 10:24 AM

Posted by: Sterling Stevens on 10/29/97, at 6:19 PM
Good job on te site. Keep it up. You make us proud.Boading Officer USCGC Harriet Lane (WMEC-903) FS2

Posted by: Michael P. Byrne, YNC (ret) on 10/29/97, at 0:00 AM
None yet, Chicago IL
Gentlemen, nice to see this site. If you happen to see Master Chief Hagarman walking around Yorktown, tell him I said HI and ask if he’s been to the B.A. Lounge lately…Buenos Suerte y’all.

Posted by: Greg Magee on 10/29/97, at 11:00 PM
Great Web site, but then I didn’t expect anything but the best from Yorktown.

Posted by: Jack Grzyb on 10/29/97, at 10:22 PM
Just checking out the new sight! I am a CWO MAT (DCC) stationed at CEU Juneau. I am alqays interested in CPOA current events.

Posted by: Pete Westerberg on 10/30/97, at 0:28 AM
Looks like the start of a great site. It’s been added to “Favorite Places” Look forwards to ‘sailin thru’ on occasion. Great to see some familiar names. All the best!

Posted by: Bob Kidder on 10/30/97, at 11:00 AM

Posted by: John N. Brecke, BMCS (ret) on 10-30-97, at 9:55 AM

Posted by: ETCM Lee A. Morris (Ret) on 10/30/97, at 4:00 PM
Fine Website

Posted by: CWO4 (Ret) James R. Parry on 10/30/97, at 7:00 PM
Nice website! Keep up the good work and hope to see you all at the next meeting.

Posted by: MKC Tim McCarty on 10/30/97, at 7:13 PM

Posted by: Ray Philyaw on 10/30/97, at 8:00 PM
Super site..keep up the good work…look to see you yorktown guys at the meetings.

Posted by: Tony Cataquet on 10/30/97, at 8:33 PM
Keep up the good work!

Posted by: William N. Taylor on 10/30/97, at 9:25 PM
Nice to see the decades extension of comraderie at Yorktown. I have many pleasant memories of schools I attended there. Bill Taylor, CAPT, USCGR (Ret’d.)

Posted by: Walt Gorr on 10/31/97, at 4:15 PM
Go Retire, Corpus Christi, TX
Wishing you all smooth sailing on line, looking forward to seeing MCPO Dave Miller at the convention in Mobile as I missed him at the D/C convention.Walt Gorr,National Treasurer

Posted by: Scott D. Rowe on 10/31/97, at 11:22 PM
Excellent job on the web site Jim, Kepp up the good work.

Posted by: Joseph D. Myers on 10/31/97, at 11:47 PM
kabey@gte.net, Honolulu, Hi
Aloha, hope ya had a good Halloween…

Posted by: YNC Donald F. Basins USCG (Ret) on 1/11/97, at 9:50 AM
wickiesdad@aol.com, Tunbridge Wells, England

Posted by: YNC Donald F. Basins USCG (Ret) on 1/11/97, at 9:50 AM
wickiesdad@aol.com, Tunbridge Wells, England

Hi. Was stationed there from August 78 to May 1980. Made chief there as well. Am now retired here in Merry Old England. Good to see the page.Don

Posted by: Nolan J. Akau on 10/01/97, at 7:55 AM

Posted by: Blane D. Bussell on 11/01/97, at 9:36 AM

Posted by: RICHARD V. ALRED on 11/01/97, at 10:42 AM

Posted by: Raymond P. Jensen on 11/01/97 , at 10:05 AM
skcs r. p. jensen looking for angela mcshan? please e-mail me. thanks

Posted by: Jerald N. Garriott, Ret E-8 on 11/1/97, at 1:51 PM
keep up the great work!

Posted by: Don Cowell on 11/01/97, at 5:30 PM
bosnc@sprynet.com, home.sprynet.com/sprynet/bosnc

This is a really great site. You even have some really famous people visiting. Good luck! I was a BMC on the Bibb in 1976 and 1977.

Posted by: cwo3 alex alenitsch on 11/1/97, at 8:00 PM
Greeting to my fellow CHIEFS. I am cwo3 Alex Alenitsch. I was a former VP/P of the Yorktown chapter in 1990. we had troubled years with little to no support from the cpo’s. Hope things are better. I thought I’d drop a line to say hello. You have a Dave former YNCS. He used to work the lounge. Please give him my regardsThanksAlex

Posted by: William Ferroli on 11/1/97, at 8:50 PM
Former Yorktown Chapter President

Posted by: Charles N. HILDEBRAND on 11/01/97, at 8:53 PM
Great Job on the new web site! Congratulations and best wishes.CHUCK HILDEBRAND, YNCM, USCG (RET) 2/1/85Yorktown Chapter, Member

Posted by: CPO Mark Palmer on 11/01/97, at 11:19 PM
Great job. I am president of the Kleckner Chapter in NY and am trying to get a page going. Congratulations.

Posted by: Scott D. Johnson on 11/06/97, at 8:39 AM
SJohnson@d11.uscg.mil, ireachhi@sonic.net
Congratulations on a very well done site. You’ve done a great job with everything from format to graphics. The only recommendation I could make is to continue to keep it simple.Good Day to all,SKC Scott D. Johnson

Posted by: MCPO Timothy Lackey on 11/11/97, at 9:50 PM
Very nice page! I hope we can all get something going like this. Best to the Yorktown Chapter and continued success in your projects.

Posted by: Patrick F Decker on 11-13-97, at 11:18 AM

Posted by: Kathy Buckland on 11/15/97, at 7:15 AM
Son Ray Philyaw is stationed at Yorktown.Looks like you have a great page here,glad I found outabout it.

Posted by: george morrison on 112997, at 7:00 PM
hello all, I am a retired chief who made chief at yorktown CPOclub, the OLD guard 1976. glad to see that their is a chat roomfor us to meet

Posted by: Jim Chase on 12/05/97, at 5:00 AM
What a great job… Thank You

Posted by: CPO Curt Brownlow on 12/21/97, at 3:20 PM
brownlow@ptialaska.net, http://www.ptialaska.net/~brownlow/atc.html

Greetings from Juneau Alaska. Come visit us at the Juneau Alaska CPO Mess Home Page: http://www.ptialaska.net/~brownlow/atc.htmlHappy Holidays to All.

Posted by: Bill Taylor on 12/21/97, at 5:15 PM

Summer of 1977 I was senior reserve officer student. My last time at Yorktown. The first was in Direct Commission School, 1960. The last was water pollution school. Many schools in between. Enjoyed a lunch at the CPO mess in 1977. A young lady performed an interesting dance. Never happened at the O Club, to my knowledge. I have many happy memories of Yorktown. Quite a difference between barracks 92&94 of 1960 and the handsome brick officer quarters of 1977. Ex-enlisted, the USCGR was great. I always maintained that I never knew enough to be a chief. As an O-6, nothing changed.

Posted by: Raymond P. Jensen on 01/03/98, at 8:30 PM
rjensen520@aol.com, n/a
Retired SKCS, would like to hear from old shipmates.

Posted by: Darrell Daugherty on 1-4-98, at 4:25 PM
HELLO Just found this site,good job.BMC ret 1974

Posted by: Eustacio M. Ramirez on 01/05/98, at 9:00 AM

Posted by: JAMES E.BRANCH JR on 02/25/98, at 9:50 PM

Posted by: JAMES E.BRANCH JR on 02/25/98, at 9:50 PM

Posted by: cwo2 gary w. daniel on 03/04/98, at 1:40 PM

Posted by: SKCM Don Gauthier on 3/4/98, at 10:10 PM
Nice Home Page set-up. Thanks, Jim Koehn!

Posted by: SKCM Don Gauthier on 3/4/98, at 10:10 PM
Nice Home Page set-up. Thanks, Jim Koehn!

Posted by: SKCM Don Gauthier on 3/4/98, at 10:10 PM
Nice Home Page set-up. Thanks, Jim Koehn!

Posted by: Ray O’Neal on 03/11/98, at 9:57 PM
sandrayo@midcoast.com, http://www.midcoast.com/~sandrayo/index.html

Nice site! I’m a retired BMCS, USCG, member of the Boston Chapter. I linked with you at Jerry’s Page. Please visit my web site, and please let me know your comments.

Posted by: Tony W. Roach on 03/13/98, at 10:02 PM
Would like to find some coastie freinds from my stay in Yorktown in ’81-’82, J.C. Pendergraft, Ronald Fogan,Mark Hannah, and any former boots from Bravo company in Cape May, NJ in ’81.

Posted by: YNC David K. Straub (RET) on 03/15/98, at 0:00 AM

Posted by: YNC David K. Straub (RET) on 03/15/98, at 0:00 AM

To all in CG land….retired now and living in Portsmouth, VA. ROOKIE webmaster, hope my e-mail name is correct. Just bought this system. Now working for Circuit City for all of you in Tidwater (Greenbrier), come see me!

Posted by: Robert Malo on 3/23/98, at 6:00 AM
robvista@home.com, http://members.home.net/robvista/malos.html

Can’t wait for you to get up and running full speed.Looks great sooo far.

Posted by: Edrynn Mestas on 4-1-98, at 7:45 PM

Posted by: QMC Frenchie Lecomte on 04/08/98, at 0:00 AM

Looking good. Can y’all say Yorktown to Juneau, AK to Cape Canveral, FL in 11 months?

Posted by: Charles E. Keller on 04/17/98, at 6:05 PM

Posted by: GMCM Andrew Finley (Ret. ’98) on 04/27/98, at 10:33 AM

Good job! Seems like Yorktown has always been on the cutting edge.

Posted by: Louis C. Dunn Jr. on 03/25/98, at 7:10 PM

Posted by: Charles R. Deaton on 04/29/98, at 9:08 PM

Well done on the website.

Posted by: Jerry Little on 04/30/98, at 8:37 PM

Posted by: Jones R Pierce on 5-1-98, at 4:26 PM

I am retired from the Coast Guard after 26 yrs in 1-11-68I was an ADCM and retired at CGAS San Diego.

Posted by: BMC Eric D. Floyd on 05/16/98, at 4:34 PM

Looks good. We should all have a page like this. Makes uslook very good to the customer.

Posted by: Dan DeLano on 06/06/98, at 9:25 PM

This is great for this new E-7.

Posted by: Megan McCoskey on 07 – 12 -98, at 12:38 PM,
great web site !

Posted by: Keith Freas on 071798, at 9:11 AM

Looking Good!

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