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US Military Bans TikTok : Here’s Why

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The Us military and coast guard have banned all active personnel from using the Chinese social media app TikTok. Cited as a security risk, clearly generals in the military are worried about China using location and other data to undermine national security. Certainly, seeing where active marines on duty are stationed provides an informational advantage to the CCP, a more sinister threat is at play. The Chinese communists have long used sensitive information to blackmail high level politicians and others, could this by happening to military personnel as well?  Of course nudes shared on TikTok of the adult version of the app, AssTok, pose a major blackmail threat to almost any member of the military or coast guard.

Why TikTok is banned

There are various apps you can access to access the TikTok app, like Google Play, but the military has chosen to block access to TikTok. What might be the military fears? Well, if a recruit is on duty in their vehicle and sees a TikTok influencer near by, the recruit is more likely to lean in for a selfie, or at least look up at the brand logo on their back while working out. TikTok influencers are often given free things to entice people to download their app, a hook to get people to download the app. The military might just be worried about this happening. It is also possible the military believes TikTok has not proven itself to be a reliable social network. The app has been banned from use in some other countries. Clues as to why the US military is suspicious of TikTok?

The Military’s Concerns

With a base location in the North China Sea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, the US military has a clear view of China’s growing influence over their operations. In the case of a conflict, China has a natural advantage of striking from three sides or more. Taiwan provides China with a method of invading the mainland by re-routing ships through the northern channel into Japan. This forces the US to drop 7,000+ troops into the middle of the peninsula, many of whom will be lost in this trap. China can also cut the pipeline from the mainland to Japan, effectively strangling the northern region of the US in a literal sense. This is why the military is so concerned. China’s PLA has the capability of targeting the sea pipeline, but only if they can find the key sites to map out for attack.

The Military’s Counter-Measures

The Department of Defense sent out a statement on why TikTok was banned. TikTok is a fun, engaging platform that provides short videos for creative, spontaneous and spontaneous expressions. However, recent reports have raised concerns that TikTok is being used to distract users from discussions and conduct unauthorized investigations in connection with their official duties. Considering the military and law enforcement often communicate via text or video, a ban like this will definitely have an impact. However, this could have far-reaching consequences. China has proved that it can target a specific individual’s social media presence, and may continue to do so until they can identify and eliminate a person’s online profile.


Anyone familiar with the terrible lack of integrity in the military, would find this behavior disconcerting, indeed an open and honest discussion is needed on this subject. The military is under no obligation to provide a list of contractors or vendors, and with that in mind, if these vendors have their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar, what information will they be willing to sell? Will it be old or new? The growth of these social media sites and their increasing use among young users is a cause for concern. Furthermore, TikTok, like every other social media platform has privacy settings, if an admin suspects you have accessed their system, you will be banned.

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