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CPOA Newsletter

CPOA Newsletter

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Congratulations to the following Chiefs for being elected as Officers of the Yorktown Chapter for 1999:

Officers BOD Members
President: Jeff Gruber Adrian Rymer
Vice Pres. Greg Smith Paul Simpson
Secretary: Pat Gallagher Austin Adcock
Treasurer: Tim Busch Leonard Rich

During a joint CPOA / CPOAA installation ceremony on January 7th, held at RTC’s Port of York, the new officers sworn in by Honorary President Captain Dennis Sande, Commanding Officer RTC Yorktown.

CPOAA Officers installed for the new year are:
President: Mrs. Audrey Wahlkamp
Vice Pres: Mrs. Carol Ferro
Secretary: Mrs. Kay Griffin
Treasurer: Mrs. Candy Freer

Closing remarks from President Gruber: It is a great honor to serve the Yorktown Chapter. I look forward to this year’s activities and the opportunity to celebrate in   our Chapter’s 30th anniversary. I would like to express my personal Chapter goals for the coming year.

Membership Drive. I believe that every Chief should go through an initiation to be introduced into what being a real Chief is all about. In addition, I feel that every Chief should belong to the CPOA. I believe that this organization is the tool to continue the mentoring of Chiefs and makes the Chief Corps stronger.

Outstanding Chapter Award. I would like to see this Chapter receive the award for 1999. I will work with members to ensure a proper package is prepared and submitted so that Yorktown Chapter can be considered for the award.

Membership Service Hours. Not every member can participate in every activity that this Chapter has. I don’t expect them to. However, I would hope that each member considers what talents or interests they have and selects an activity that they would like to join in. I have asked the Vice President to keep track of what members attend the various activities and maintain a list of hours for the year. I will identify and recognize those that contribute 10 hours and 25 hours of service with a special certificate of appreciation.

Auxiliary Unit Membership Drive. The Unit needs our help to encourage CPO spouses to join the Auxiliary. I ask each member to at least provide your spouse with an application and information on this organization. Let them know that the meetings are the 1st Wednesday each month, at 1930, at the Port of York. Point of Contact: Mrs. Audrey Wahlkamp (757) 872-9277.

Planning Ahead. I encourage members to look ahead when it comes to this Chapter. Don’t be thinking “what should we do this month?”, instead be thinking “what are we going to do for the entire year”. If we look ahead, we will improve the chances that things get done on time and with success.

Open Communications. Don’t wait till the next meeting to bring your ideas or concerns to the Chapter. Contact me as soon as you are thinking of it. I can be reached by phone: (757) 898-2233, by e-mail: jgruber@rtc.uscg.mil, or if you are at RTC: Canfield Hall, room 116 (next to the Library).

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