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Open Letter To Cape Cod Chapter CPOA

Open Letter To Cape Cod Chapter CPOA

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Disclaimer:  Open letters are the opinions of the writer (s) and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the
Cape Cod Chapter, CPOA

Fellow Chiefs, during the past several months there has been some urgent matters regarding our Chapter and the Wheelhouse that could possibly have some severe adverse effects on our local organization and its functioning ability.

Chapter President CPO “Bo” Hause has made several of the members aware that the CG AirSta “Chiefs Mess” has formed a committee and is advising the AirSta Command on matters regarding the CPOA Chapter, Wheelhouse operation and business of the concessionaire, CPO Jerry Piunti. In short, the matter is, the AirSta “Chiefs Mess” is currently and actively taking up this situation about the “Wheelhouse” operation in its entirety from the concessionaire and reduce the ability of informal stewardship of the Cape Cod Chapter CPOA in regards to the Wheelhouse.

A brief history on CPOA and “Chiefs Mess’.” The CPOA chapters were affected (circa 1993) all over this country and some abroad that were the informal stewards of chiefs messes at air stations, ashore and afloat commands for the “Chiefs Initiation” and other community functions. My initiation and inauguration to the Oregon Chapter CPOA was enjoyed by the participation of air station, afloat and ashore commands and was sponsored by the local chapter. That special day was recognized by all in the fraternal way that the USCG CPOA is committed to then and now. Today initiations and other functions, particularly when the function is related to the community were forced to divide the function of stewardship between the CPOA local chapter and the “Mess”. During the tenure of MCPOCG R. Jay Lloyd this informal stewardship was interrupted and a “Chiefs Mess” was established to take over some of these functions. The “Chiefs Mess” which was formalized and force fed (my opinion) to the “Chiefs” community had very little organization, no structure to conduct business under a rule of order and most of all was not legally able to handle funds and accounts. These “chiefs’ mess” immediately looked to the CPOA Chapters locally for the monetary backing to get themselves started. This caused a scission in the “Chiefs” community that exists today and is being demonstrated by the AirSta “Chiefs Mess” and others here on Cape Cod.

Through the persistence and diligence of our Chapter President and Immediate Past President (Bruce MacIntire) getting their foot in the door to curtail what was determined to be immediate closure and changing of the locks at the Wheelhouse. This would place the functioning ability of the Cape Cod Chapter CPOA at serious risk. It is time for awareness of this matter to be brought to the attention of all 200+ members of this chapter.

From this January meeting, we should move forward and try to maintain our stewardship for the “Wheelhouse” through our chapter officers, membership of active duty, reserve and retired CPO’s. We must be poised and ready to unify as a fraternal organzation/business group and impart the kind of impact on the U.S. Coast Guard just the same way we impact our community, with benevolence and fraternalism. If we are forced into uncertainty we will loose the significant impact of benevolence and fraternalism.

It is now a time to stand-up and show that we truly believe and live up to our motto “…In respect for those who have gone before us, and as a guide to those who follow…” Collectively, we must close ranks and bridge the divide by our show of unity and support of the U.S. Coast Guard in all aspects that our preamble defines.

I submit this letter to the Cape Cod Chapter CPOA under “the good of the order” to cause the membership to be aware and arouse their curiosity with regards to our Chapter and the Wheelhouse future. In addition, I will re-enter CPOA service as a Chapter officer in the capacity of president or vice president so that the minority is heard and the majority rules with the support of the membership. I further request and submit this letter for inclusion in the minutes and publication in the newsletter.

Timothy J. Pitts


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